Stalker Magnum Suppressors with brake




The SUS-TAC STALKER MAGNUM has the shortest barrel extension measurement in the SUS-TAC MAGNUM range. Select this suppressor if your main goal is space saving or you require the shortest possible suppressor with reduced barrel overhang.

With this design the added length to your rifle is a mere +-175mm. With the shorter length comes a reduction in dB suppression and therefore this unit is louder than our high performance models.  A fixed 4 port recoil reducer is included as standard.

The SUS-TAC MAGNUM Series Suppressors are a modular suppressor which has an integral Recoil Brake added to the front of it. The SUS-TAC Recoil Brake is a clever design as it reduces recoil significantly without increasing the dB reading. This has been tested numerous times and we found that this design does not increase the dB’s when compared to shooting without the recoil brake.

The larger volume selected along with the extremely efficient internal design used allows this suppressor to to maintain SUS-TAC’s high suppression standards with large calibers or calibers with high power loads, such as a .338 Lapua Mag, .375 CheyTac, .375 RUM and .458 WinMag to name a few.

SUS-TAC’s MAGNUM Series suppressors pass, and with the performance models even exceed, the US Military Specification for hearing safe operation (without any hearing protection) by up to as much as 10dB.

The SUS-TAC MAGNUM Series are non-reflex suppressors which attach to the end of the barrel with a screw thread. The units are available in virtually any thread.



  • Significantly reduced recoil with the integral brake
  • Modular design allows user to easily remove and re-install the recoil brake at any point
  • Accurate, and in some cases improved, shot groupings
  • CNC precision billet machined parts for tighter tolerances
  • Stainless steel Internals for higher abrasion resistance
  • Optional Titanium or Aluminium internals for extra weight savings
  • Attractive exterior styling with CeraKote for protection



Caliber Range  :    Up to .375 H&H Max
Sound Reduction  :    +-24 dB(C)
dB at Muzzle (.300 WinMag)  :    +-143 dB(C)
dB at Ear (.300 WinMag)  :    +-139 dB(C)
Recoil Reduction  :    +-33%
Total Length  :    219mm
Length Added to Gun  :    175mm
Material Selection  :    Click for Details
 SS Weight  :    +-662g  (1.45lb)  (23.4oz)


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