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The SA Case Prepper™ is our newest product, and just like the SA Tumbler™ it is the highest quality and proudly South African made. This compact yet powerful, case prepping station uses custom made components to ensure the shooting enthusiast that takes pride in their reloading will not be disappointed. The SA Case Prepper™ provides three powerful drive points with the No.8 UNC thread that is standard across all case prep bits such as brushes and primer pocket bits. This means that the SA Case Prepper™ can be configured in many ways to customise your case prep process. The SA Case Prepper™ comes with length trimming, inner chamfer and outer chamfer cutting bits in the box and can be used with standard primer pocketing bits and neck brush in the box. A case length gauge and case holder is all that is needed to be purchased separately to suit your case calibre(s).

Check out our image gallery and how to video below to see the SA Case Prepper™ in action, and click here to get your hands on the SA Case Prepper™ NOW!

All new SA Case Preppers™ come with the necessary trimming bits and plug in power adapter. A case length gauge and case holder must be purchased separately to suit your desired case calibre.

  • Trims case to correct length
  • Chamfers inner and outer edge of case mouthWorks for a wide range of case calibre

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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  1. Joseph Saayman

    I have been using one of these SA Case Prepper since 2017/8. I use this machine to process all my rifle brass.
    With all brass (new and once fired) my first steps are to uniform the primer pockets, deburr the flash holes and remove any military crimp from the primer pocket. Trimmed brass, I do the inside and outside chamfer with this case prepper.
    I process on average 12 000 to 15 000 cases with this case prepper per year. Conservatively speaking I have processed 60 000 plus cases with this case prepper without any issues.
    I have just sent the machine to Ted at SA Tumbler for a service and was happy to get a call from Ted to inform me that there is little to no wear inside the gearbox of this case prepper and that they are going to re-grease the machine and return to me. I could not ask for better back service and support, I have most definitely never experienced any backup service on an imported product that comes close to this.
    I can highly recommend the SA Case Prepper to anyone that want to process a lot of cases and not have any issues in doing so.

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