Charger NPS400 220v Power Station


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  • The NPS200 / NPS400 / NPS600 Please phone 083 410 6005 or email us if you have technical questions.
  • Although the NPS400 has been specifically designed to benefit users that are travelling and in need of portable off grid power, it is also a super handy 220v power station during load shedding.
  • This device offers 4xUSB + 1x12v + 1x220v output plugs at a total of 420Wh (117 000mAh) per full charge.
  • Power small 220v electrical devices of up to 300W (600W surge) for over an hour and smaller devices such as a laptop for well over 2 days (on average).  Power a 10W bedside lamp for 2-4 full nights or  a new generation energy efficient 75″ TV set to low brightness for  3-7 hours. (50-120w). These are rough estimates, your device consumption may differ.
  • Numerous USB ports are included, so cellphones and tablets can easily be charged many times over.
  • This NPS400 can be charged from 220v / vehicle 12v socket or / the NiteCore FSP100 foldable solar panel.
  • A flat NPS400 wil charge from 220v in approximately 10 hours using the included 14v transformer if no load is connected.
  • IMPORTANT: The NPS400 is a portable, occasional use device and cannot be used permanently connected as a UPS to a 220v load such as a desktop PC or similar. The 220v charger is only able to charge the NPS400, not charge while also simultaneously driving the load.  A load  will always be driven from battery even with the charger connected to mains.
  • The 220v output requires a UK/RSA travel adapter which is included in the box.
  • More information and details are included in the video and sliding pictures. Also see the smaller NPS200.


  • NPS400 Device, integrated li-ion batteries, 220v wall charger, 12v ligher socket charge cable, UK/RSA travel adapter for the 220v output port.



  • FSP100 solar panel.


2 Year free repair warranty.



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