Bullet Corp Billet Reloading Press


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Bullet Corp Locked Billet Reloading Press with guided Ram (Brass Bushings) and Roller Bearings on all Pivot Points. Bullet Corp Billet Reloading Press is all about precision and quality.

If you are serious about quality and precision this is the press for you!

Technical Details

  • Press is made from 6082 Aluminum
  • Ram and side shafts are made from hardened chrome shafts
  • Ram has a brass bushing and side shafts vesconite bushes
  • Pivot points have sealed bearings and thrust bearings in them
  • Stroke 120 mm reload up to 338 Lapua
  • Secure Locking Shell Holder, uses standard shell holders
  • Anodized

Additional information


Black, Black Cherry, Blue, Chocolate, Green, Gunmetal, Gunmetal Blue, Khaki Green, Lime, Maroon, Purple, Red, Rose, Teal


100g, 500g, 1kg


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