Balistix HunTac Bullet


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The HunTac bullet is designed for hunting and tactical application. This bullet is the most versatile of all three types and is designed for plains game hunting, where a better BC is required combined with the expansion and mushroom needed for hunting.

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Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun


.243"/6mm HunTac 75gr, .243"/6mm HunTac 85gr, .264"/6.5mm HunTac 115gr, .264"/6.5mm HunTac 120gr, .264"/6.5mm HunTac 125gr, .277" HunTac 130gr, .284"/7mm HunTac 140gr, .30" HunTac 155gr, .30" HunTac 165gr, .30" HunTac 175gr, .303" Huntac 170gr, .338" HunTac 250gr, .375 Cheytac HunTac 375gr


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