Reloading Courses

Basic or Essential Handloading

This is generally practiced by shooters who would prefer to purchase ammunition, but opt to handload to either cut the cost of extensive shooting, or to keep a firearm going for which factory ammunition is not readily available. This level of hand loader generally opts for the most affordable tools and components and cost generally is the overriding consideration. These hand loaders often see handloading as a chore.

Personal tutoring R 750.00pp. Group tutoring R 600.00pp (5-10)

Hobby or Intermediate Handloading

This level of handloading engagement is the result of a shooter’s desire to custom create ammunition adapted to his needs. Cost may be a consideration, but it mostly is not the only consideration. S/He may or may not also want to gain a somewhat deeper understanding of ballistics in general. Hobby hand loaders test and select components to best meet their needs within self-determined budget constraints. They generally achieve better performance in their individual firearms than is generally possible with factory ammunition. They augment their basic equipment only where needed with specific tools to achieve the desired results. Satisfaction is the primary consideration and economy generally a welcome secondary offshoot. This category of hand loader enjoys most aspects of handloading.

Personal tutoring R 1000.00pp. Group tutoring R 750.00pp (4-8)

Specialized or Precision Handloading

It is the consequence of an absolute compulsion to achieve the absolute optimum internal, external and terminal ballistic performance from every firearm, component and cartridge combination, be it velocity, trajectory, accuracy or wound dynamics, or a combination of all. Absolute all-consuming precision and uncompromising quality control every step of the way tailored to the specific firearm and application is the only norm for this kind of hand loader. This requires intense research, experimentation, commitment and advanced equipment and techniques. Peak performance is the only acceptable result and the primary objective. Economy is a very low priority, if one at all. For this kind of person handloading is a science, a compulsion and a challenge.

Personal tutoring R 1500.00pp. Group tutoring R 1000.00pp (3-5)

Every prospective hand loader must decide on the level s/he wishes to engage handloading. If you pick the correct one, you will enjoy the rewards, albeit savings, improvement or perfection

Tutoring will be in Kempton Park.

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